The Summer I Went Crazy by Laura Koerber

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The Summer I Went Crazy by Laura Koerber
Genre – New Adult, Women’s Fiction
Page Count – 165
Cover Designer – Donna Dean
Ben O’Rourke and his prep school buddies got way too high at a graduation party and some of his friends raped a drunken girl who was passed out in the upstairs bedroom of the party house. One of the rapists is Ben’s best friend, Clint, the son of a Congressman who is also a family friend and the author of the letter of recommendation that helped Ben get accepted to Yale.
Over the following days, Ben finds out that no one cares about the girl. His parents don’t. The rapists’ parents don’t. Even Ben’s older sister isn’t concerned.
“We all do stupid things at parties,” she advises Ben. “No one’s future should get messed up over it.”
But Ben is concerned about the girl. He sees her at school, hears the whispers and the jokes, and wonders what her future is going to be like.
And, for the first time in his life, he begins to question his parents’ values and begins to wonder if the life laid out before him is the life he wants to live.
This novel is about the aftermath of a rape, told from the point of view of a young male witness who discovers that he no longer wants to grow up to be the person his parents expect him to be.


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I live on a island in the Puget Sound with my husband and my dogs. I am a retired teacher, presently doing in -home care for disabled people while volunteering at a dog rescue

My degree is in art, and I am a painter, graphic artist, and ceramic sculptor. The writing started about five years ago, a surprise to me and everyone who knows me, since I had never written anything before.

The review for my first book in Kirkus Review:…

I think I learned to write by reading. I am a voracious omnivore of books. 

Author Interview with Laura Koerber



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