What Loretta’s Katydid Did (Loretta’s Insects) by Lois Wickstrom – Review by Jamie Burns

What Loretta’s Katydid Did By Lois Wickstrom is a great book to spark an interest in trees and insects. Loretta’s grandmother comes into town to visit her and gives her an orange tree. Loretta notices various insects on the orange tree which might not be healthy for her tree. However, she leaves the insects on the trees and begins to witness the insect food chain as other insects are attracted to the tree. This is a great book to help children learn that not all insects are bad, most insects have a big job to help take care of the ecosystem. I know most kids do not like spiders, but this story includes one that eats insects that were on the tree. This can spark a great conversation about not always liking insects but knowing that they have an important job. This book would be a great introduction to food chains or to introduce the concept of a science fair. Wickstrom does a fantastic job of integrating science into her books.

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