The Empty Box (Invisible Magic Wand Series) by Lois Wickstrom – Review by Jamie Burns

The Empty Box is the first book in the Invisible Magic Wand series by Lois Wickstrom. It is February 14th, which is Caspian’s Un-Birthday. Each year like clockwork, his grandpa gives him a silly present. Only this year, there is NOTHING in the box… Or at least that is what he thinks at first until his grandpa tells him about his present- an invisible wand that allows him to control time. The wand can be used to speed up time or to slow time down. Wickstrom creates a fascinating magical power for the wand which I would not mind using myself. I can just see children using their imaginations to try to use their own invisible wand. I know that I would have taken the idea of a time-controlling wand and let my imagination run wild when I was little. If you know a child or adult who loves magic and using their imagination, they would love this book!

To find out how Caspin will use his wand, read The Empty Box today!

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