Return to Hoodoo (Boudin, Bourbon, and Barbecue, Book 1) by Reggi Dupree – Review by Ayla Phipps

Return to Hoodoo: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel (Boudin, Barbecue, and Hoodoo Book 1)Return to Hoodoo: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel by Reggi Dupree
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Holy wow. So, this is the first book I have read by the incredible Reggi Dupree, and I am so sad it took me six months to find this gem. This is by far one of my favorite books of the year. Gwendolyn Carter is the last member of her matriarchal bloodline. While that could be viewed as a good thing to some considering the stunning house and fortune to change her entire life, Gwen is not an average person.
Forty-fifth birthday, the curse that had claimed the lives of every woman in her bloodline at a young age was rumored to end if you made it past your forty-fifth birthday alive. Only she is shot in the back and killed but she’s from Hoodoo, Texas and death isn’t one of those black and white finalities. Twenty-seven years ago, at the age of eighteen Gwen had been forced out of her hometown, accused of murdering one of her best friends. Now summoned back for a mysterious inheritance and a promise to her mother after he second death, to return to Hoodoo and find answers. Twelve hours, that’s how long she allotted to being back in the town that threw her away nearly three decades earlier. A catch to keep her legacy intact leads to her having to live in the family home for six months to receive her inheritance, seems simple enough, right? Her first love Carlos, who betrayed her, is now the sheriff. The man Ash that she met just before she was shot suddenly appears in Hoodoo. Duncan her best friend that forced her into a blood vow to keep his dark secrets, whose lies written in his journal led to her being accused of murder and ran out of town haunts her everyday since his death when they were eighteen. He warns her that he wasn’t the only one lying to her back then that she needs to know the truth to protect herself, and now the evil has returned and is near his sister Rita and his mom. Needing her help, he begs for her to listen if afterwards she’s done with him, he will leave her alone for good if she listens.
Carlos warns her that Ash isn’t what he claims, but what is he? Her new home holds the history of her family, but will she survive long enough to discover its truths? What is “the Evil” and why is it back? The world the author creates sucks you in, with its wonder, mystery, and humor. While the cover drew me in, making me curious about the boots, the synopsis had me ready to jump into the pages and discover the truth for myself. From start to finish this book keeps you on your toes and I am anxiously awaiting the next book in this amazing series, Conjure Ink. Also, I am going to have to go back and read the novella Hoodoo Heaven, the prequel of Return to Hoodoo, when she meets Ash.

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