The Romanov Heiress by Jennifer Laam – Review by Lucy Machard

The Romanov HeiressThe Romanov Heiress by Jennifer Laam
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There are so many books about the speculation of Anastasia’s survival through the Bolshevic captain of the Romanov dynasty during the Russian Civil War. There have been plays, movies, etc., made about Anastasia, yet we very rarely hear anything about the other sisters, the other siblings, the rest of the Romanov Dynasty. This particular time period in history has always fascinated me, and I love reading books about it.

Reading a book about not only the oldest Romanov heir, but all of the sisters combined, was a phenomenal take on this piece of history. I loved the way everything was written, the mystery of it all, the way Olga tried so hard to do what was right through her family and through her loyalty to Russia.

I love this book. It captured me from the first page. The writing style is amazing. The story is utterly captivating and keeps you wanting more and more. I don’t think I’ve read any other books by this author, but I definitely want to. If you love history, historical fiction, and a touch of mystery, I cannot recommend this book enough. It’s a must read, and I’ll definitely be reading it again!

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