Unexpected Entanglement (The Echo Series Book 3) by C.R. Alam – Review by Dr. Anya Schultz

Unexpected Entanglement (Book 3 of the Echo Series)Unexpected Entanglement by C.R. Alam
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Unexpected Entanglement is the third book in the series. This book is about Chris – who we have met before -a hotel conglomerate, best friend of Dean, and now a great friend of Rae’s. We find out at the beginning that Rae has extended family that just found out about her. She is not sure how to handle this news, and due to the fact that she is pregnant, Chris volunteers to go check things out. Rae’s father has left property to her and her siblings, but not sure what to expect. Chris arrives on this small island and things from the start become quite interesting. He meets Rae’s siblings – Rowan and Kieran Kelly. The siblings own a farm and inn that is trying to reopen, but in two weeks they are holding a wedding and not really prepared. Once Chris makes it to his destination, things start to move quickly; Chris offers up his services to help prepare for this wedding. While no one understands why he would be doing this, he tries to reassure them it is for the love of his friend. What Rowan doesn’t realize is that Chris is a blessing in disguise. Can the two work together to host this wedding? Will obstacles always get in the way of progress? Can the two keep their attraction to each other at bay to have a successful opening? Will the siblings be able to come together to produce a successful inn that means so much to their father?
There is a lot going on in this book, but I love it. As the third book, I have already fell in love with most of the characters. Chris always had small roles in the first two books, but I knew I was just going to love him – and I do!! Chris is a down-to-earth, handsome, successful, smart, gentleman with a huge heart. He is a hard worker and confident in his abilities. Rowan is a strong, sassy, stubborn woman who is just a great partner for Chris. She is driven and begins to become more courageous about going after what she wants. The little bit of spice that is written was also enjoyable. It was a great story about siblings coming together, love finding each other, and healing from the past.

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