Shore Lodge by Susan Specht Oram – Review by Mary Espinoza

Shore Lodge: A high-stakes psychological thriller (The Millersville series)Shore Lodge: A high-stakes psychological thriller by Susan Specht Oram
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Wow! What a thrilling read! From the beginning till the end, I was hooked, even though there were a couple of times I had to reread a paragraph or two just to make sure I understood what the author was trying to say with her story. Other than that, this was very well written!

The story begins with introducing us to Jacklyn Stone, who has recently lost her husband, and as expected she is absolutely crushed and heartbroken. Nothing is working out how she had planned and imagined it would. The bank accounts aren’t adding up like they used to, she’s had a fender bender, misplaced her keys, and overall is having a good run of bad luck! She’s beginning to wonder if all of this has to do with the grief she’s experiencing or if something more is contributing to her newfound chaos.

Dusty Stone (Jacklyn’s son) is a contractor and has recently convinced his mom to give him power of attorney over her health and finances. He’s truly concerned that his mother is really losing her mind and Dusty just feels like his sister needs caring for their mother.

Rose Stone (Dusty’s sister & Jacklyn’s daughter) is a hard-working single mother doing everything she can to provide for her son and now has the task of also taking care of her mother. While she’s not trying to neglect her mother’s needs, she agrees with her brother that their mother needs to be assessed and admitted to Shore Lodge. This will help Rose tremendously with a much-needed break from the double duties she has recently inquired.

Now that Jacklyn has been admitted to Shore Lodge as a resident, there are many disturbing and horrific situations that come about. Jacklyn handles several different situations to the best of her abilities. Does Jacklyn come out of these situations ok, did Dusty and Rose make the right decision by having their mother admitted to Shore Lodge…the only way to find out is to pick up the book and read it on your own! I promise you will not be disappointed!!

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Mary Espinoza, May 2023

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