Stay For Me (The Balefire Series Book 5) by Tam DeRudder Jackson – Review by Angela Shirley

Stay For Me (The Balefire Series Book 5)Stay For Me by Tam DeRudder Jackson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Garrett has managed the biggest Rock band for almost ten years, but over the past few years he has done things he is not proud of which has made his trust with the band shaky at times but he excuses have always been for the good of the band. Garrett has loved the lifestyle and enjoys the single, young guy status but Garrett has had his regrets and one was the woman he left behind all those years ago to manage the band, but he has never really loved anyone else but her.

Olivia is at the top of her career, getting the gig of directing the Grammy’s is a once in a lifetime thing and she has to pinch herself, the only thing is she will see the man who walked out on her ten years ago and took her heart with him, choosing a group of young rock stars instead of her, hurts more than he will ever know. But, when Olivia gets a request to direct the new video for Balefire is he prepare to see Garrett and will all the old feelings come back. She has learnt to hide things can she hide the love still burning in her heart for this man.

OMG, I am not the biggest Garret fan but I loved this story of love and lost and the fairy-tale that can come true. Did he deserve to get Olivia back into his life, NO but to be fair the more I read of the book the more I actually warmed to Garrett and you get to understand the reasons behind all the things he did. I loved the characters of Olivia with her sassy, kick ass side to her but underneath all the glamour and armour still was still that lost girl hurt by the love of her life.

This was a brilliant well paced and written story, which if you have not read the series from the start can be read as a stand alone story but I recommend reading the whole series as you get the full view of Garrett and what he has done and how everything fits in. The relationship between him and the band in the end was lovely to read and how they understood his sacrifices that he took at the beginning and was a great end to the story.

Thank you for a brilliant series and a fitting ending to this series and pulling Garrett out of the idiot section to the AHHH section.

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