The Guardian of Whispers (The Reeds of West Hills Book 1) by B. E. Padgett – Review by Jamie Burns

I have read and watched all of the Harry Potter books/movies. I have to say that this book has a similar feel to it, and I absolutely loved it! This book is about twins Frank and Jon Reed who have some fascinating abilities: Frank starts reading minds and Jon can see the future. Both gifts have come with a heavy price tag, and are difficult to control. So, the twins must attend West Hills School for the Perceptually Gifted in hopes that they can learn to control their powers. However, as Frank and Jon soon discover moving to a new school is challenging. Jon gets himself into a big bind when something important goes missing. Will Frank and his friends save Jon from expulsion from the school? Find out by reading The Guardian of Whispers today!

I seriously read the whole book in one sitting and could not stop!

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