Unexpected by Laylah Abrams – Review by Jenni Bishop

UnexpectedUnexpected by Laylah Abrams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Unexpected by Laylah Abrams is a modern-day fairytale contemporary romance. Having not read anything by this author before and I was interested to see what she brought to the table. I was not disappointed.
This fun tale has a bit of everything that you need to make it an enjoyable read. With a little drama, a touch of angst, a smattering of longing, a bit of humour and everything in between this tale will draw you into the journey. There was some pouting, some heavy sighs and some laughter as I turned the pages. I had to know how it ended for these two star crossed lovers.
UNEXPECTED of two people who could not be more different and live in totally different worlds. The wonderful characters are well written and make you feel like you have a connection with them and all their troubles, wants and needs.
Claire has brains and beauty, but brains apparently don’t mean much when you are an heiress. All they see is wealth and pomp but not truly the girl underneath it all.
Like all artists Nick is in a funk but that is about to change when he crosses paths with a beautiful woman.
Can two people from different worlds find more than they ever thought? To find out you will have to give it a read.

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