Rainy Day Lovers (The Rocklyns Book 3) by Alicia Street – Review by Michelle Austin

Rainy Day Lovers (The Rocklyns Book 3)Rainy Day Lovers by Alicia Street
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rainy Day Lovers was a good 4 star read.
This is my first read from Alicia Street and I really enjoyed it.

Raina is a hoot of a character. She is very bossy and strong willed. We start with her seeing a homeless teen being bullied and she protects him, feeds him and gives him some advice in hopes that he will be ok.

We jump ahead a few years. Raina meets Roman at her sister’s wedding, she is instantly attracted to him but he always seems to brush her off. When she finally gets him on a date things get interesting. Roman has a secret, how will Raina react when she learns the truth?

I loved Raina and her blunt straight forwardness, she would call Roman out on things and wouldn’t let him shutdown. Roman was all over the place, at times he was strong and other times he was a mess. We get alternating POV which I loved so I could see both of their thoughts. The secondary characters were great. I really liked the ending and the epilogue leads you into the next book and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

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Move Star (21st Century Courtesan Book 2) by Pamela Dumond – Review by Maura Harper

Movie Star (21st Century Courtesan, #2)Movie Star by Pamela DuMond
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the second book in the “21st Century Courtesan” series and I think it’s important to read book one first. There are a few common threads that are vital to understand in order to move the story forward.

I FLOVED this book. I don’t know how many stories there will be in this series, but book two was amazing. I read it in one sitting from beginning to end. It moves quietly along packing punch after punch, from beginning to end I was entranced by the story.

MOVIE STAR is written with a sleakness that I cannot describe. There is ALOT going on yet it was easy to follow along. I would classify this as a story with misdirections to make you look this way while something is happening that way. A story with characters that pulled on my heartstrings while building up to something even bigger.

This is one of those books that I would give more than 5 stars to if I could.

I absolutely recommend this story and this series (read in order, of course).

Review by @mauraharper

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Less You Know by Rowena Holloway – Review by Gail Guerrero

Less You Know (Ashes to Ashes #2)Less You Know by Rowena Holloway
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Less You Know Ashes to Ashes book 2 by Rowena Holloway

Four Stars

Confused doesn’t even cover how I feel after reading this story. The author truly played with my head on this one. So many questions I need answered. Allie’s character was the most mysterious. The circumstances surrounding her and her past. I wasn’t a fan of Charlotte, she is selfish and greedy. Man the way this story plays out isn’t how any one would guess. I can’t really write some stuff because I want the suspense to get you. The story was very compelling and showed a need for better mental health. Allie has issues and someone should’ve noticed. Overall I liked this story and hope that it doesn’t really end like this. My mouth dropped at the last line of the page and I’m excited to see what is next. So many unknown factors.

Reviewed by @gguerrero89

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Best Foot Forward (The Liberty Lawrence Series #1) by Bea Stevens – Review by Emily Walsh

Best Foot Forward (The Liberty Lawrence Series #1)Best Foot Forward
ByBea Stevens
My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Best Foot Forward (The Liberty Lawrence Series #1) by Bea Stevens was a sweet, light hearted read that hits you right in the good feels department.

My first read from this author and I’m liking what’s being put out. A fun light heart read with witty dialogue, exciting characters, a mystery, and of course a hot cop, made for an entertaining, engaging read that had me flipping the pages. I will say that, I did at times find myself annoyed with the inner dialogue of the MC. She’s very into fashion and brands, and as someone who doesn’t care about labels, I found the constant high end label name drops, annoying. I get it, it’s part of the character’s persona, but it was too much.

Speaking of the MC, Libby was something. But I don’t like how over the top, the clumsy, bad luck, trope was bestowed on her was. It got to the point where the surprise was taken away, and I just rolled my eyes when she fell, tripped, or ruined something… again. Once in awhile is fine, but like her label dropping, it was too much. But overall she was a pretty solid character, and she did grow on me. I liked how she kept pushing forward and how loyal she was to her bestie.

Overall this story was sweet, fun, and entertaining as hell. I love the ending, way to leave a girl hanging! I need to know if that last scene was stage or true! Good thing I already have the second book. And will be jumping into that one ASAP!

So please take my high recommendation and my stamp of approval that you will have the time of your life reading this book.

Happy Reading

Reviewed by @eawalsh

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Caught in the Spin by Sharleen Scott – Review Lisa Helmick

Caught in the SpinCaught in the Spin by Sharleen Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Caught in the Spin (The Caught Series Book 2)
By Sharleen Scott
Rated 5 Stars!!

I LOVE the cover of this book! So Sexy! This is the perfect second book in this series! We were introduced to Tom in the last book. He is a cowboy who runs a ranch in Nashville. He is also the head of security for Clay Masterson. The brother and best friend. The relationship we saw between Clay and Tom last book really shows its true colors in this one. It’s nice to read about this with the men. Normally it’s a female who has an amazing best friend. This is different and I like it. They have talks and always have each other’s backs. One of my favorite relationships in the two books! I also enjoyed learning about Tom’s past and seeing how he ended up the way he is now. Very interesting! Tallie Peters was perfect! Not only Tom but she brought an element of danger to the story. She has a colorful past she is trying to out run. She is smart and protective. I liked her character very much.

It was great to see Clay and Harlie in this book. They were involved and helpful to both of the main characters. I liked seeing where they are now. This is full of some great characters that add so much to the story. It don’t pull away too much from Tom and Tallie.

This is my third book by this author. She easily drew me into the lives of these characters. The story flowed nicely and I read it fairly quickly. The characters were fun, flirty and dangerous. While this could be read as a stand alone I HIGHLY recommend reading book 1 (Caught in the Cross Seas). Perfect Title as well! So be ready for the “Spin” in this book!

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Nothing But Trouble (Irresistible Billionaires Book 1) by Ashley Bostock – Review by Heather Bass

Nothing But Trouble (Irresistible Billionaires #1)Nothing But Trouble by Ashley Bostock
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the first book I have read from this author and she blew my mind. I love my billionaire men but this talented author exceeded all my expectations with Michael. This is the first book of the irresistible billionaires series and what great start it was. I was hooked on this book right from the beginning. It took me only a few hours to devour this book.

Michael Vilander needs a date for this annual gala he goes to every year. He is one of the top bachelors in his city which finding a date should be easy but not for him. Michael ends up making a fake profile on his own website to see what would happen. He thought it was going nowhere until he sees her. Michael is mesmerized by the beautiful Sophia Baldwin. She is gorgeous and also looks very innocent. He thinks that she will be perfect for him for one night. Michael and Sophia talked to each other almost all night and he is excited about this date. Sophia was in complete shock when she finds out that her date is the handsome CEO of Together. She is having a great time until they run into his ex. Sophia stands up to her but she tells everyone that they are engaged. Michael makes a deal with her for one month but will this turn into something more?

I absolutely loved this book. The storyline has it all; romance, humor, and drama. You will fall in love with these characters right from the start. Michael is a beautiful man that has a good heart but he has walls up. He doesn’t want his heart to get broken again. Sophia is a beautiful woman that has to take care of her sick grandmother. She has a connection to Michael but will he be able to accept all of her? These characters have some steamy scenes that will make your temperature rise. This talented author will keep you at the edge of your seat until the end. I can’t wait to see who this author will write about next.

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The Future Memoir of Ann Jones: A Time Travel Romance with a Splash of Magic by Alex Bailey – Review by Liz Vrchota

The Future Memoir of Ann Jones: A Time Travel Romance with a Splash of MagicThe Future Memoir of Ann Jones: A Time Travel Romance with a Splash of Magic by Alex Bailey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have read several of Alex Bailey’s other novels before and enjoyed them so when I saw the bright cover for The Future Memoir of Ann Jones: A Time Travel Romance with a Splash of Magic, I was a bit hesitant at the title but intrigued nonetheless. To me I am not usually for the time travel or kitchy magic stuff, and the blurb with the kitting club didn’t sell me any more so. I however am glad that I didn’t discount the entire novel before I even gave it a chance based solely on a cover and a few blurbs. This really dabbled in quite a few things, mystery and drama, a bit of suspense and romance with that sprinkle of promised magic… never too much, muchly appreciated, it kept it cute and quirky not overdone and cheesy. I enjoyed the moments of humor and the knitting club set things up perfectly and made sense in the end. I would even be back for more if there were to be more in the future. I can’t wait to see what else Alex Bailey has in store for us in the future!

Review by @lizaileen
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Caught in the Spin (The Caught Series book 2) by Sharleen Scott – Review by Caralee Loonat

Caught in the SpinCaught in the Spin by Sharleen Scott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Caught in the Spin By Sharleen Scott
4 Stars!!!!

This is the second book in the series and I can say that I wasn’t disappointed. I found that the author did a great job of keeping the flow of the series. The book just kept me glued to the pages. I couldn’t put this book down.

The chemistry between Tallie and Tom is just explosive. I just loved the way that the author developed their relationship. I liked the twist the author put into the story of Tallie’s ex. The way the story plays out makes the whole book realistic. I found the author’s writing style to bring the story to life and I found myself getting caught up in it. I will definitely be reading more from this author in the future.

Reviewed by @caraleeloonat
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Pandora’s Poison (Hart & Cole book 2) by Sacha T. Y. Fortuné – Review by Liz Vrchota

Pandora's Poison (Hart & Cole Book 2)Pandora’s Poison by Sacha T. Y. Fortuné
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I must preface this review with my absolute warning that you can’t truly appreciate this novel for all its glory if you haven’t read the first book in the Hart & Cole series, Climbing The Walls. Now here is why… Have you ever wanted to know what was going on in the minds of your friends or neighbors that were falling apart or going through a difficult time? (Or heck let’s just be honest, we can all be a bit snoopy sometimes and just want to know the juicy details because our lives get boring right?) Well Sacha T.Y. Fortune gives you a front row seat to this in her Hart and Cole books. Climbing The Walls hooked me and I have been addicted since. That was a debut novel!!

Fortune can really pour emotion onto a page, I felt it drip off the words as I read them, and often was right there with the characters. I loved every moment from the good to the bad and back again. Of course things continue to be interesting and there are more twists and turns than I had anticipated yet. I am highly anticipating book three, Pandora’s Price! I know I will be first in line to add it to my collection! Thanks for another great escape Ms. Fortune!

Review by @lizaileen
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Rainy Day Lovers (The Rocklyns Book 3) by Alicia Street – Review by Chantelle Smith

Rainy Day Lovers (The Rocklyns Book 3)Rainy Day Lovers by Alicia Street
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A brilliant romantic read with two strong, powerful characters, Rainy Day Lovers is Book 3 in The Rocklyns Series by Alicia Street. This is a captivating and inspiring read of determination, romance, second chances, and undeniable connections.

I loved how we first get introduced into this story and the characters with a flash back, but with that being said I also felt like throughout the story I felt like I skipped parts and missed out on information, but this does not put a dampener on this book, it’s romantic, and just a go-to book. There are a variety of different emotions you feel while reading it, you were smiling, you were sad and it had a lot of parts that are feel good and warm hearted.
I love how quickly Rainy calls Roman out when he gives her mixed signals, but I also love the depth that Rainy and Roman connects. Throughout the book Rainy knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to go after that, which made it even more special when Roman was determined for the same thing, especially after all he has been through.
Reading it in various POV’s really gives you a better insight into each character, their thoughts and most importantly their true feelings.

This is an incredible read that even though it’s part of a series, can easily be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone and you will not want to miss it!
Don’t miss this read, it will leave you wanting more, I can’t wait to see what this author does for the rest of this series!

Reviewed by @tillytillzz

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