A Second Time Around by Ashlie Knapp – Review by Shannon Fowler

A Second Time AroundA Second Time Around by Ashlie Knapp
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

While this story starts out a little… no a lot heart breaking, I absolutely love it! It is a story with all the feels! Heartbreak, love, understanding, patience, hilarity, more love and even more hilarity!

“Listen to you, Ms. Down and Out. I’m not used to this. You always have the unicorn farting rainbows mentality.”

There were even some parts I could really relate to because I say this daily:

“I’m a teacher . Throat punching would be a bad idea.”

This story is about Kasey and Paul. Kasey loses her perfect husband, Daniel, in a tragic accident right in chapter one. After a couple of years of mourning and being set up on horrible blind dates by her best friend, Beth, Kasey finally meets Paul. He is almost too good to be true. During the first week of meeting, Kasey and Paul have nothing but unbelievably chaotic craziness! From bloody noses, naked children, and a case of diarrhea! Nothing goes as planned and while Paul thinks he should be running for the hills, Kasey thinks he should too! Luckily enough for the both of them, there is something intriguing about the other to keep them wanting to get to know each other in spite of the messes that have happened.
Kasey has a secret, well something that may be the final straw for Paul. However when Kasey calls for Daniel in a moment of terror what can Paul do?

This story is so good. So funny! When Kasey and Paul get to meet Kasey’s parents I nearly peed my pants from laughing so hard! Who would have thought that was going to happen! This story is definitely worth a read!

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