Juniper Smoke by Sadia Ash – Review by Jenni Bishop

Juniper SmokeJuniper Smoke by Sadia Ash
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Juniper Mills’s life is working at a job she loves in a museum, her autistic twin brother and her best friend. Her mother and an incident at school has lead her to believe the worst in men and has stopped her from having a relationship. Kyle Paxton’s life is his business. He comes from a family that is wealthy but full of hate with no love. His father has been divorced 6 times. He has a system he has lived by for years as he is unable to form loving relationships, due to the horrible loss of his ex girlfriend Chloe. One night at a fundraising event at the museum Kyle comes to Juniper’s rescue and they find they are enthralled with each other. Juniper thinking Kyle is a server and belongs on the kitchen is blown away and can’t believe she treated him the way she did when she finds out who he is.

Kyle decides he has to have this sassy, bold, intellectual woman as his Summer with an expiration date but Juniper wants to be more. As a relationship evolves Kyle realises that his system is no longer working but Juniper realises that in the end his system is all they will have. Kyles brother Royce is trying to become a senator and his fiancee, Denise, is set upon destroying Kyles life. Denise has set her sights on Juniper and takes great pleasure in spilling all Kyles secrets. Is their belief in each other enough to hold them together or will all the secrets tear them apart forever?

Wow I love this story. At times I wanted to slap some sense into both Kyle and Juniper and tear apart some of the others. I loved the way Kyle came to look at the world through Junipers eyes. This is more than just a story of a poor girl meets rich boy it is a story of self discovery, overcoming fears that have haunted them for years and opening themselves to another. I strongly recommend this book and know you will not be disappointed. I was disappointed that the next installment is not available and am waiting with baited breath for it.

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