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Just LiveJust Live by Shaan Ranae
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Just Live by Shaan Ranae is my first encounter with this writer and I have to admit, it left me in ruins … in emotional ruins. I finished the book couple of days ago and when I woke up this morning, it was still on my mind, it refuses to let me go … I have read already couple of other books since I finished it but my thoughts circle back to it …
It is an extremely emotional story of Kathryn James aka Katey, a journey filled with pain and suffering, a story that takes you to such extremes that you wonder if you will survive … I cried so hard that I started hiccupping … I got enraged and started thinking how could I, personally, get involved and make a difference … I laughed and smiled and dreamed with her and I have been looking for dust particles in the sunlight ever since …
This story reminds us that we all have a responsibility to each other as humans, it also reminds us that we need to look after ourselves as well, we all matter. This story took me back into my history and reminded me of all those great people who have been there for me in the pivotal moments of my life, who are the reason I am still here, today.
Thank you Ms Ranae for this raw and beautiful book, I hope that it is not your personal story, if it is, I rejoice in the bright future you have ahead of you. I will be on a lookout for your next book, I am sure it will be another amazing one.

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