Oliver (This is Our Life Series #3) by F.G. Adams – Review by Jenni Bishop

Oliver (This is Our Life Series #3)Oliver by F.G. Adams
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Oliver Bishop knows the overwhelming feeling of loss and grief. Along with his brothers in arms he has dealt with the harsh realities of war, of never knowing where or who the enemy are. But he has survived and has returned to help those who need it by working with those same brothers in a security firm. One look at a photograph of a young girl and he knew he had to take the mission and had to be the one to find her and her beautiful daughter. After many many months of tracking them all over the states and a few close calls, he is closing in. He is going to find them and bring them home whether or not she wants to be found. He will not walk away until they are safely in his care and brought home to their family.

Fallyn Blackwood never had a good home life with her father who was a brutal and inflicted pain and suffering. Fallyn was a young girl who got caught up in something that she never should have gone through. One night that tainted her and changed her life forever and has made her run, never staying in one place too long. She will do anything to save her daughter the anguish and brutality at the hands of powerful evil. Once again she finds herself in another town hiding away and starting over.

Oliver has finally found them but getting close is going to be harder than he thought. Fallyn trusts in no one except herself and her daughter. She is not willing to let this stranger help her being saved is not what she wants. Running is the one thing she knows best.

Will Oliver convince Fallyn to trust him? Will Fallyn finally find peace and comfort? Will the evil finally catch up to her and her daughter?

This is book is the third book in the series and the story just gets better although it will break your heart. Both characters have had so much pain and suffering it is hard not to feel for them. Definitely one you will not be able to put down.

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