Shock of Fate (Anchoress #1) by D.L. Armillei – Review by Jenni Bishop

Shock of Fate (Anchoress #1)Shock of Fate by D.L. Armillei
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Vanessa Cross is only fifteen years old but she loves the finer things in life such as clothes, perfect nails, shopping, anything. All she wants to do for summer break is spend her days at the beach, getting her nails done and shop till she drops. Vanessa knows what she wants out of life, marriage to Ken and lots of children. She is always surrounded by friends but her best friend is Paley, whom she can not be without. Paley has never had the kind of life Vanessa has had as she is an orphan living in the orphanage but Paley has learned the best ways to sneak around without being caught. The two are inseparable and often find themselves in trouble.

Vanessa learns that her father is in trouble and now finds herself face to face with his boss who has called upon her and reveals some very disturbing and unreal news. Vanessa is now called upon to join a mission to help the fate of mankind. Everything she thought she knew is a lie. Everything she ever believed in is a lie. Those she thought she could trust is a lie. Vanessa now finds herself on a harrowing life or death journey to an alternate world. They have all been hand picked for their unique skills, but what skills does Vanessa have? She doesn’t know. They have been tasked with finding and retrieving the Coin of Creation. Slowly but surely on this venture Vanessa finds herself on a path of self discovery whilst trying to survive being caught by the enemy and finding and fighting magic. She has also found friendship and love but even they will be tested.

Will Vanessa and the others find what they are looking for? Will Vanessa survive all she needs to in order to stop the evil? Will she survive the struggles of her heart? In the end will they all endure and survive the treacherous journey?

This story is full of twist and turns, ups and downs that you never know what going to happen or just who to trust but is one story you will not want to put down until you know how it all ends.

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