Moments of Joy (Moments to Remember #1) by Ysa Arcangel – Review by Debi Kircher

Moments of Joy (Moments to Remember #1)Moments of Joy by Ysa Arcangel
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Moments Of Joy by Ysa Arcangel, Book 1 of her Moments To Remember series. The story of Brandy and Ivo.

Brandy is 27 years old and doesn’t do commitments due to her family history with Alzheimer’s. She’s watching her Mom fade away to the last stages of this awful disease and she is afraid that someday all her memories will fade the same way. She has started keeping journals to record everything important so that she will always be able to remind herself.

Ivo, doesn’t believe in love anymore, he’s been hurt too many times.. He is a doctor and understands the effects of Alzheimer’s.

Brandy and Ivo meet while Brandy is in Italy for her brothers wedding. They meet and spend some time together and decide to hook up, a one nighter, no strings, casual, and easy. Problem is her worst fear is realized, her heart wanted to love so badly and the connection between her and Ivo is undeniable. As their feelings grow her memories start to fade. Problems arise when something happens and Ivo tries to help her. She finally realizes she has to say goodbye to him and as heartbreaking as it was leaves him behind and goes home, never to see him again.

Until circumstances bring him to town…..can Brandy let herself have the joy she craves? Can she accept Ivo’s love and support and allow herself to be happy before this disease wins?

This story touched me in ways that brought back so many feelings of watching this disease take my own Mom. I absolutely can not wait for book 2, and will read it the minute I get my hands on it. I love how this author created these characters and this story. She made everything real and I absolutely loved it.

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