Playing for Keeps (Playing Series book 3) by Ashlie Knapp – Review by Shannon Fowler

Playing for Keeps (Playing Series Book 3)Playing for Keeps by Ashlie Knapp
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Ashlie Knapp earns her own Championship Ring with this book! I love it! Playing for Keeps is book three in the Playing Series. I really love a good romance story where the main characters say they are not looking for love. You just know they are going to find it. It’s the adventure they take to finally get there that truly makes a great story.
Our heroine is Aria. She is such a well rounded person. She sings, dances, bar tends, plays guitar, loves animals, is a great friend. She is almost perfect. Except that she thinks she’s broken and unworthy of a loving relationship. Until Trevin breaks down all her walls.
Trevin is NBA’s bad boy, the biggest player, and we aren’t talking playing basketball. He is a womanizer. Until he meets Aria of course. Trevin isn’t a jerk about his relationships, he just knows he wants to have a good time. The women he hooks up with know this.
I loved so many of the references to pop culture, the reality TV shows, the celebrities. I found myself laughing out loud several times. And of course I was sighing, because this story is sweet too. Love is what everyone wants, in the book world and in real life. Ashlie Knapp has found what makes readers fall in love with her books.

“I know you don’t. But having someone to share your day with, someone who’ll rub your feet when they’re hurting, someone who’ll listen to you go on and on about something they don’t care one whit about but listen anyway because they care about you…well, that’s something not everyone gets in life. If you get the opportunity, you better hold on to it with both hands.”

You can not go wrong with this book or anything Ashlie Knapp writes!

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