Second Half (Coach’s Shadow Trilogy, #1) by Monica DeSimone – Review by Jenni Bishop

Second Half (Coach's Shadow Trilogy, #1)Second Half by Monica DeSimone
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Zoey McEvoy has not been whole since the love of her life walked away shattering her, taking her to some deep dark places. They were meant to be a team, the two of them against the world. She has spent the last eight years trying to make herself whole again but has been barely hanging on. Zoey has tried to put herself back together, trying to rebuild herself one step at a time, one piece at a time. Now she is faced with the man who walked away from her and piece by piece she is losing herself again. But the truths she learns tears her heart and show she really didn’t know the people who were meant to love her the most. How can she ever let this man back into her life after what he has done to her? She is supposed to be a strong independant woman but this man can bring hr to her knees. When he learns the truth of what happened all those years ago will he still want her?

Derrick Henderickson chose his career over the woman he supposedly loved. Now he is back and determined to get her back. But when he finds out the secret she has been hiding it breaks his heart. He realises that he did not just hurt her but he completely and utterly broke her to a depth he finds hard to comprehend. How can he win back the one woman he decimated? How can he get her to trust him again? Now he finds himself in a fight for her but will she ever let him back in? How can he prove to her that he will never walk away from her again? How can he prove to her that she has only ever been the one he has ever loved?

Will Zoey and Derrick finally find common ground? Will they be able to find their way back to each other? Can he repair the damage he has done to this beautiful soul?

This is the first book of the series and it is a good read. There is lots of heartbreak and learning to trust again in this beautiful bad sad story. The female characters in this story have so much strength and compassion that you can’t help but want to stay with them every step of the way. Monica weaves a story that you feel to your soul?

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