William: A Short Story (UNDER GROUND #0.2) by Alice Rachel – Review by Bobbi Wagner

William: A Short Story (UNDER GROUND #0.2)William: A Short Story by Alice Rachel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

William: A Short Story (Under Ground #0.2) by Alice Rachel is part of the Under Ground Series. I highly recommend reading the previous books in this series before this one as it will give you more information on the characters and where they are at. This installment is about William’s point of view and his perception of how things are. This author once again has created a character that is strong and controlling See another perception of another character really brings a lot to this series. Find out how William views things.

William is the type that when he sees something he wants, he just takes it. He doesn’t think he needs permission and he was raised to not accept rejection. But what will happen when his chosen finance doesn’t want him and even goes as far as betrayal? He is obsessed with her to the point it is not healthy. He is determined to make her his, she is mine! How far will his obsession go? Will it put him in danger? Will he get his revenge on the person who stole her from him? William is a character that you may hate because he isn’t very nice and is very disrespectful. He just wants everything even if they don’t want him. Find out if obsession will put everyone in danger.

The one thing that I enjoy with Alice Rachel’s stories is that she never lets me down with the creation of her characters. Even though I didn’t necessary enjoy William’s character, he really does make the story flow and give it a twist. Alice loves spending time with her husband and guinea pigs. When she is not writing, she teaches French, reading and drawing. This is a fast story that will keep you engaged until the end. I will say that, it may make you angry at times as it did me. You will enjoy the twist it brings to the story. I highly recommend this story as I know you will want to find out what William’s perception of things.

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