Beneath the Sheets (Enigma #6) by Shandi Boyes – Review by Jenni Bishop

Beneath the Sheets (Enigma #6)Beneath the Sheets by Shandi Boyes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Beneath the Sheets is the sixth book in the Enigma series and and as with Beneath the Secrets it could be read as a standalone if you have not had the chance to read the others. As before I would however recommend that you read them all in order so that you get the background and the whole story.

Hugo is still struggling with his inner demons from his tours in Afghanistan. Now however his conscience is reeling with the death of his sister and his unborn nephew. Before thinking thing through he decides to take matters into his own hands but fails. However this one decision means he has made himself and those he loves a target. After running and hiding for the past five years and leaving the one thing he loves more than life itself behind, he finally come to realisation that he can no longer keep hiding. He can no longer run from his past. Upon returning home soon finds out that things have drastically changed. He has missed more than he could have even guessed. Now he knows he has to fight even harder for the ones he loves, for the love of the woman he should have never let go.

But will his fight be enough? Will he be able to show the one he loves just how much he needs her? Will he do everything he can to prove that his love for Ava never died? Will he be able to prove he will never leave again and be by her side forever? He becomes stronger when in her presents, she keeps the demons he fights daily away and calms the raging water inside. Little does he know a revelation will cause even more hold over his heart and a chance to prove himself once and for all. Will Ava once again be able to forgive the mistakes? Will the two ever find their happily ever after?

This story has it all including friendship and romance, happiness and passion, secrets and lies, heartache and frustration but amongst all that there is love. You will find yourself laughing, yet sad and frustrated with the choices of the characters. At times you want to knock some sense into them but as the story goes, you can’t fight fate.

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