Not Hiding (Parker Siblings, #3) by Leigh Ann Lunsford – Review by Jenni Bishop

Not Hiding (Parker Siblings, #3)Not Hiding by Leigh Ann Lunsford
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Cambree Parker is a very independent, sassy, strong willed and a little wild and is the youngest sister of the Parker family. Cambree is in love with Max but is sick of the lies in their relationship so she decides she needs to get away. Get away from the threats, the lies and the deceit and learn just who Cambree is and she figures she can do that away at college. Unfortunately Cambree soon realises that what she needs is the ones she was trying to stay away from. After a vicious attack Cambree decides home is where she has to be to heal and find herself.

Max Baird is an undercover cop working on a case alongside his brother Mitch. Unfortunately neither can share the details of the case with those they love and it is those lies that may tear them all apart. Max and Mitch just want to keep those they love out of harm’s way. Keep them safe from the monster that has taken away so much from this family. Max has been watching Cambree from afar to make sure those monsters don’t get any where near her. When Cambree is attacked Max decides then and there he will do whatever it takes to protect her and make her see she belongs to him.

Can Max get through to Cambree? Can Cambree learn to let go of the past? Will all the lies and secrets be spilled? Will all the lies and secrets finally help those who need to heal? Can they overcome and stop the monster who threatens them all?

Leigh Ann Lunsford knows how to write a great story. Her characters in this series will have you pulling your hair out, laughing out loud and crying along with them and every crazy whacky thing they do. This is one unconventional family that will make you feel right at home and enjoy every step they take with you right by their side.

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