The Final Calling (The Crucible Series Book 5) by Angela Colsin -Review by Sheri Schrader

The Final Calling (The Crucible Series Book 5)The Final Calling by Angela Colsin
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The Final Calling by Angela Colsin is the fifth book in the Crucible series. This can be read as a standalone book by better enjoyed if other books in the series are read. This book follows the story of Edith Walsh as she is apprenticing as a mage and enchantress. She is new to this whole new world laid before her and on her path of challenges finds out that her life is also in danger. When she was born, she was labeled as a part of a prophecy. Rothario, a tyrant from the Perosian Empire, is after Edith to put an end to her life. Thankfully Edith is helped by a Perosian demon named Isaac. Not only does he want to protect Edith in any way possible but believes that she is his predestined mate.
The characters in the story are fun and the story drew me in. I have read another book from this series and this was just as fun. Colsin writes a great paranormal, fantasy story but with plenty of realism thrown in. Edith is determined to pass her rite of The Final Calling to complete her training while not being killed by Rothario. Isaac is sexy, fun and will do anything to convince Edith she is his. Who does not love a sexy demon with a mission to convince his mate that they are destined but also be her hero. I will be looking for more books in this series and enjoying the extended stories of Colsin’s other characters.

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