All Tyed Up by Julia Harlow – Review by Angela Shirley

All Tyed UpAll Tyed Up by Julia Harlow
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All tyed up is a novel by Julia Harlow and follow the rollercoaster romance of Ty and Isabel. Will the Financial wiz by able to capture the heart of Isabel or will his position within the company stop her from truly loving him.

The book opens with Isabel selling her antiques as she has recently lost her job and is having to move from the Victorian house she is renting and move in with her step sister in her apartment. As she answers the door to meet the guy who has shown interest in her Carmel table she is struck by how handsome this man is, as the conversation goes on he offers her what she wanted for the table but he only has $500.00 and she has no change to give him. Being the gentleman he is he tells her to keep the change but being the stubborn woman she is she arranges to give him the $50.00 change the next day.

Ty is blown away by how beautiful this woman is, she is not his usual type of woman which makes this all the more intriguing. After he gave her his business card to drop his change off the next day he was thinking and wishing to meet this woman again. But Isabel has her own problems when she read the card she realises that the man is only the CEO of the company who has brought her original work out and has sacked her under the stupid rule last in first out.

As the story goes on you get to see this hunk of a man full for the beautiful, sassy and strong woman in Isabel. You get to understand the doubts which Isabel faces and that she has body confidence issues but Ty is slowly breaking them down. The only down side I had with the book is the story flits from story to sub story and at some parts I was wondering if I was reading a different book.

I loved the characters of Ty and Isabel and enjoyed them happily ever after, this is the second book I have read by this author and would love to read more in the future.

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