Inevitably Yours (Imagine Ink, #4) by Verlene Landon – Review by Jenni Bishop

Inevitably Yours (Imagine Ink, #4)Inevitably Yours by Verlene Landon
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Inevitably Yours is the fourth book in the Imagine Ink series by Verlene Landon and just like all the other books this one did not disappoint. I have loved each and every book in the series and the characters just jump into your heart. This book can be read as a standalone but reading the other books first will ensure you have the whole picture of the world in which these wonderful people live. You will find yourself laughing out loud at their antics, crying along when things are sad and crying tears of joy at heartfelt moments. Valerne is one talented writer that you certainly do not want to miss.

This book focuses on Gus who is the one friend who is always there for her friends and knows how to take care of them. She is a free spirit and is willing to help them in every way that she possibly can. Her closest friends are also her family and she has made the ultimate sacrifice for two of those friends. Gus is unselfishly carrying the special gift of a baby but doing so means that she is possibly sacrificing a life with the man she loves.

John is our other main character in this book and he has faced tragedies in his life which have caused him to take on more than his fair share. It has caused some demons that have changed him from the man he once was, a man that keeps thing close to his heart, a man that has to rationalise everything and likes things in order. He is scared that in order to have a relationship means he has to give up control, lose control and that is not something he is sure he can do.

Can John face his demons and move on? Will Gus be the one to help him move forward? Will John be able to let go before he loses what he loves before it is too late? Will Gus be able to keep the man she loves? Will she let him go to set him free?

I love this can’t wait for the next installment to the Imagine Ink world.

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