Breathless (Yoga in the City #1) by Leigh LaValle – Review by Jenni Bishop

Breathless (Yoga in the City #1)Breathless by Leigh LaValle
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Hannah Roberts has been on the move running from her past. She has finally found somewhere she wants to settle down. Hannah along with three other women have bought Bloom Yoga Studio. Hannah has sunk her life savings into this business and hopes she can finally make a life for herself. She is one sassy, funny, sarcastic and at times known to be a little obsessive. Everything is going well with the new business, that is until it all comes crashing down. The women soon find out that the building is undergoing renovations but due to the noise business is declining. Never again will she let a man rule her life but What Hannah finds is more than she bargained for, one hot and very sexy mountain man.

Jake is a an intelligent, strong and sexy thrill seeker. He is a man who is hurt and injured by his past, a past he can not let go of, a past that is ruling his life and choices. When he stumbles upon beautiful, giving and loving woman she consumes his every thought.

Can these two get their act together before it is too late? Will Hannah leave behind her reservations about relationship and men and open her heart? Will Jake learn to live again? Will Hannah be able to help Jake heal? Will Hannah find friends and family she has never known before?

Breathless by Leigh LaValle is the first book in the Yoga in the City series and is a fun and easy read. The story is very well written and flows easily. This is a sad yet sweet, hot and steamy love story. It is to be savoured like a fine wine. So sit back, rest and enjoy.

I look forward to reading Reckless, Book 2 in the series.

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