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A Promised Plan by Sharon Hughson
Genre – Women’s Fiction, Family
Page Count – 186
Cover Designer – Covers by Kay
A determined mother plans a girls’ trip to help her daughters reconcile. What happens when the plan outlives her?
A dying woman’s final wish.
Mercedes Bloom’s deathbed agreement with Grandma to reconcile her mother and aunt threatens Merci’s secrets. Can a girl questioning everything keep her promise?
She has nothing more to lose.
Disillusioned after her divorce and the death of her mother, Lacey Bloom avoids her sister until their estrangement threatens to disappoint her daughter. Will a magical trip through a rose garden open her heart to the possibility of forgiving her sister?
Guilt holds her hostage.
Krista White has failed as a daughter and sister. She assumes her selfishness in earning her degree keeps God from blessing her with a dream. Is confession enough to bring peace and a dream fulfilled?
Even from Heaven’s shore, a mother’s plan unearths secrets and cultivates reconciliation.
Partially set in beautiful Victoria, BC, this collection of connected short stories explores a family’s journey through loss.


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