Aldin’s Wish (Enchanted Immortals, #1) by F.G. Adams – Review by Jenni Bishop

Aldin's Wish (Enchanted Immortals, #1)Aldin’s Wish by F.G. Adams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Aldin’s Wish is the first book in the Enchanted Immortals series by F.G. Adams and is a paranormal romance that is full of Vampires and Shifters and much more. I really enjoyed the fast paced storyline, the characters and the world that FG has created.

If you were asked what your greatest desires were, what would be the price you are willing to pay?

Aldin has lived his life protecting his family, one that will never know him, one that will never see him, one that he will never be able to have for himself. Even though he has it all, something is missing, he is merely existing. That is until he is called to ensure his family’s latest addition is safe.

Wren is a pediatrician and loves her work delivering babies but one night and she feels there is more to the shadows, her sixth sense has never let her down but right at this moment she has much more she needs to focus on.

The Enchanted Immortals have been waging a war against one of their own for many many centuries and now due to her curiosity Wren finds herself smack dab in the middle of it.

Will they be able to rescue her before all is lost? Will Wren face all that is now before her?

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