Children of Darkness: Genesis by Courtney Shockey – Review by Jana Teppih

Children of Darkness: GenesisChildren of Darkness: Genesis by Courtney Shockey
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Children of Darkness: Genesis by Courtney Shockey is the second book in her Nightmare series and what a nightmare it was AND in a good way! It delivered what it promised!
Children of Darkness: Genesis is a dark fantasy book that tells a story of the eternal fight between the good and the evil. The writer has taken an interesting approach to this fight and it is amazing how her story telling can pull you in and not let you go … you will go away and still keep thinking what the heck did I just read, did I get it correct, did she really mean … I mean it is the story of the Angel of Darkness and his ‘child’ …
What shocked me at first was that the writer had created a world, not unlike ours, but ‘completely’ evil, and like in our world, you have who you love and you have who you hate and it was at times really hard to keep ‘hating’ Ben as he was evil …
If you are ready to spend your evening with the Angel of Darkness aka the Boogie Man, spend the evening with Children of Darkness! It is something very different and at times, different is really what you were looking for …

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