Snowflakes & Stockings (A Wilton Hills Christmas Book 4) by Marianne Rice – Review by Lyndsay Withey

Snowflakes & Stockings (A Wilton Hills Christmas, #4)Snowflakes & Stockings by Marianne Rice
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Snowflakes and Stockings – Winston Hills Christmas book 4 – Marianne Rice – October 2021

As the weather starts to turn a little colder outside, I am so excited to start reading Christmas stories snuggled inside my fluffy blankets. While this was my first Winston Hills Christmas book as well as my first Marianne Rice book, I am in love with not only her writing style but the characters, the story, and the feel-good vibes she has created inside the world of Winston Hills. Since finishing this story, I can’t wait to go back and check out the first 3 as well as the other stories she has written.

When I look for a story to capture my attention, I look for how well the story is written. Does the story flow well or does it feel choppy? Are the characters believable? Can I relate to not only the main storyline but does the back story of the characters seem to fit with the current story being told? I also look at the length of the book. Is this a story I can read easily in a few days between carpool lines and quiet evenings after my daughter goes to bed? Beyond the mechanics of the book, I also look for a story that is going to leave me feeling uplifted as if I just escaped the stress of my everyday life and was transported to a different world. I enjoy books from multiple genres so I look for books to help me enjoy an adventure into a world I may never get to visit.

When I first stumbled on to the synopsis of Snowflakes and Stockings, I saw the other reviews that mentioned: “It is just like a Hallmark Christmas Movie” over and over again, and while that might feel like a been there done that storyline, Marianne creates such a magical world inside the Winston Hills series that it doesn’t feel like every other Christmas Romance book or movie out there. She takes these two main characters, Liberty and Sawyer, and tells a story of redemption, work-life balance, the importance of family connections, and love. Liberty is out to make her big break as an investigative reporter and Sawyer is helping to run his father’s company. The spark between these two is evident from the very first meeting and continues to grow throughout the rest of the story. There are a few bumps along the way but life has a way of being bumpy when we are working towards our goals especially when fate throws a curveball when we are least expecting it.

I try not to give out 5 start reviews too often as to not dilute the WOW factor a 5-star review brings, but Marianne Rice totally deserves it for this book. What a wonderful way to kick off my Holiday Reading for 2021!

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