Stone Sober (Hawke Family #3) by Gwyn McNamee – Review by Shannon Fowler

Stone Sober (Hawke Family #3)Stone Sober by Gwyn McNamee
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Book one is Savage Collision. Book two is Tortured Skye. Book 3 is Stone Sober. This is my favorite story line so far but I am still #TeamSavage! I really loved this story and I still love the Hawke family! This book was easy to read with lines and thoughts as simple as: “Maybe in another world, another life, another time, things could be different.” Sounds like the same old story but McNamee is able to kick it up more than just a notch, she kicks it in high gear. This story is hot! Exciting! And oh my those “large black lacquered wardrobes” and all the things they held inside! No wonder Nora was feeling a little confused.

“How is it possible to dread and crave something so much at the same time?”

There were a couple of things that made me go hmmm. The biggest thing was that it seemed that Stone’s addiction was just a mild case and easily enough to kick. Even though, I felt, that his sister tried to make a huge deal out of it. Maybe his addiction wasn’t a key element to the story but then the title is Stone Sober. (Just my random thoughts.) The other thing was the Hawke family mom—Mrs. Hawke also known as loyal to a fault, “…that naïve or blind…” leader of the whole Hawke family. Is Gwyn McNamee just building us up for something more for dear ol’ mom? Or is she really not that great of a person? I have high hopes for mom!

I can not wait to read more from McNamee and I really hope there’s more of this family!

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