Love On a Limb: A Love Story For All Seasons by Laurie Lewis – Review by Debi Kircher

Love on a LimbLove on a Limb by Laurie L.C. Lewis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Love On a Limb: A Love Story For All Seasons by Laurie Lewis

5 Stars…it deserves so many more!

With tears in my eyes as I just finished reading this amazing work of art I couldnt wait one second to jump in here and review this book!

I have read so many books this year, and in my life. Ive many times read and been touched by a book and claimed that it was my favorite for that year or whatever. I can honestly, straight from the heart say that NO BOOK has ever touched me the way this book has. Books often grip me and take my emotions on a ride but this one, this one will hold on forever. Im praying I’ll someday find that she has a paperback of this book because I need this in my life and on my shelf.

This is not the first book I’ve read by this author, I’ve loved her way of words, her way of grabbing a hold and hanging on, these people she writes about are so so real. If there is an even remote possibility that there is a negative to mention about this story, it’s only that it ended and I could have read about these two amazing people for days. Matt is the ultimate Book Boyfriend and I will compare every male lead to him from this point on. Mikaela follows suit with being the ultimate heroine.Watching these two progress from where they started to where they ended up was written so beautifully and has tore my heart right out of my chest. I don’t know what to say except that this was a brilliantly awesome amazing piece of writing. Every single emotion that should have been felt while reading this I promise was felt and I could not hold back the tears during some of the scenes. This strengthened my belief in hope, promises, miracles, and prayers as well as things definitely not turning out like you thought they would.

Many Many Thanks to Miss Lewis for a story that rises above and sets the bar high for all the stories I will still read in my future, some Ill love, some I won’t, but this one will always stand up as one of the greatest. I already can’t wait to reread it!!

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