Project Paradise by Phoebe Alexander – Review by Shannon Fowler

Project ParadiseProject Paradise by Phoebe Alexander
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I really really liked this book! This story is a risqué kind of story and the reader must be open minded, at least sexually open minded. Project Paradise gives you a look into a different lifestyle than most books.

The main characters, Valley and David, are a seemingly happily married couple looking to make a change. I liked Valley most of the time. I could see her insecurities hiding just below the surface. Her husband David though I am not so sure about. Sometimes he seemed almost perfect and then other times, completely closed off. I am sure he is a complete heart breaker. Some of the choices that Valley and her husband David made will not be everyone’s cup of tea. But that’s ok because variety is the spice of life! The cul-de sac that is the setting for most of this story has its typical soccer mom and PTA parents that made me laugh out loud at the accuracy. We are given a very small sneak peek into the other families/people on the cul -de-sac.

Since this is a series like no other I have read…I am seriously having a hard time waiting for the other books. Will the other stories be just as awesome? Can not wait to see what the others really think of Valley (love that name by the way) and David. What secrets could the neighbors be hiding?!

To me personally this book is a complete fantasy because I don’t think I could ever be like Valley. And that’s ok. This story was still an excellent read. I also found this book to be hot and funny and scary. Scary in the way being vulnerable makes you feel. Alexander uses her character, Valley, to teach us not to judge others and to have better communication with not just those we are intimate with but with those closest to us.

The title, Project Paradise, sounds like a goal we should all have. Everyone’s paradise is different and again that’s ok.

I highly recommend this story!

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