Broken Butterfly: A Fortis Security Novel Book 5 by Maddie Wade – Review by Jana Teppih

Broken Butterfly: A Fortis Security Novel Book 5Broken Butterfly: A Fortis Security Novel Book 5 by Maddie Wade
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Broken Butterfly by Maddie Wade is the fifth book in her mind-blowing Fortis Security series! For some reason I ended up reading the fifth book first and I am telling you all, do not make the mistake I did! START WITH THE FIRST ONE! Once I was done with Broken Butterfly, I was so hooked on the story and the Fortis ‘family’ so I went and read the first 4 books!
Broken Butterfly is the story of Zin “The Viper” Maklavoi and Celeste “Pixie” Bourdain. The prologue killed me … the way the writer sets the scene … the way she sucks us into the emotional landscape … the way she builds our expectations … and we are ONLY at the prologue! I loved Zin, this on the surface hard and cruel man who has lived his life in the world of subterfuge and espionage, meting out justice for the ones who could not protect themselves … he believes he is lost to the world of shadows and he is so broken that there is no way to fix him … And then we have Celeste with an incredible gift that has burdened her life and brought her nothing but pain … the little Pixie that makes Zin to wish for a different life …
The writer has created this amazing world that is so intricate and mesmerizing that you simply cannot look away and you cry and you pray for the best and you laugh and you feel as if you are living it all along the Fortis family and …Pick up the first book and ‘live’ through all of five to find out if the Viper and the Pixie will save each other!

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