Power Play: 39 Juniper Court (The Juniper Court Series) by Lainie Suzanne – Review by Bobbi Wagner

Power Play: 39 Juniper Court (The Juniper Court Series)Power Play: 39 Juniper Court by Lainie Suzanne
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Power Play: 39 Juniper Court (The Juniper Court Series by Lainie Suzanne is part of The Juniper Court series. These books are written by an awesome group of authors that will take you on a journey through Juniper Court. I highly suggest reading all of the books in this series, you won’t regret picking them up. This is my first book by this author and I loved it! I can’t wait to see what else she has for me to read. Her writing style is easy flowing and engaging. Her attention to details made me feel as if I was right there with the characters. Her characters are lovable and connectable. They took me on a journey of hot steamy romance, laughter and compassion. I couldn’t put their story down until the last page. In this installment we get to see Nina and Sully’s story. Now that the children have left to their own lives, Nina feels like she wants to get back what her and Sully had before the children. She feels that they need a little spicing up in their relationship so she does some research to do just that. Will they find that kink that is missing since they had their children? I love these two characters. Sully made me laugh a few times with his attitude and behavior. I felt bad for Nina, she tries so hard to get something put back in her relationship. They do have a great relationship and they have great chemistry together. Without giving to much away with this book, I highly recommend you read Nina and Sully’s story. You don’t want to miss it. Find out if they are able to find their kink back!

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