Winter’s Mage (Outcast Mage Book 2) by Miriam Greystone – Review by Jenni Bishop

Winter's Mage (The Outcast Mage, #2)Winter’s Mage by Miriam Greystone
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Winter’s Mage (Outcast Mage Book 2) by Miriam Greystone is the second book in the series and is great series. ​Miriam’s writing is spot on and everything is a wonder to read, from the characters, to the magical world and creatures she has created. The fighting, the wonder, the betrayal, the truth, the lies make this book hard to put down. Just when you start to think you know where the story is going, then BAM you are twisted around and off on another route. Miriam’s words just flow from the page and brings to it, it’s to life, she is truly master of her craft.

I am looking forward to the next book. So get to it and grab a copy of Truthsight and begin your journey, one which you will not be disappointed in.

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