Winter’s Mage (The Outcast Mage Series Book #2) by Miriam Greystone – Review by Angela Hayes

Winter's Mage (The Outcast Mage, #2)Winter’s Mage by Miriam Greystone
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Winter’s Mage is the second book in The Outcast Mage Series by Miriam Greystone. It is an epic Urban Fantasy that’s packed full of action, adventure, mystery, magic, danger, mages, and mythical creatures.
We met Amy (Asa) in the first book, Truthsight. She is a Doctor, but also a very powerful Mage, with the gift of Truthsight. She had been unable to use her gift, because in doing so she would be discovered and then executed (I won’t go into more detail because I don’t want to spoil it for you if you haven’t read it yet). But when a patient’s life hangs in the balance, Amy has no choice but to use her powers. She doesn’t regret saving the mother and newborn, even though doing so gets her captured. But before she can be executed, she is saved by Rowan, who had his own agenda at the time. But, situations arise which sees them setting off on an adventure and has them joining forces with mythological creatures, to fight the forces pitted against them.
This story picks up a while after the events of book one. Amy is still recovering from her ordeal, but life is beginning to return to ‘normal’. Until she tries helping a cursed creature and ends up afflicted herself. Now it’s a race against time to find a cure.
As expected, Ms. Greystone wove her magic throughout this spellbinding story, it exceeded all my expectations, and then some. I loved the first book so much, and this one is every bit as good.
Ms. Greystone has created a complex, vividly detailed and exciting storyline- seamlessly blending the human world with that of the mythical/supernatural realms. She bought it all to life- using the power of her words alone. The characters are all fantastic- fully developed with their own personalities, quirks and flaws. I love them all. It was great to find out more about Jason, too.
The story is fast paced, and action packed. It’s addictive reading that I couldn’t put down till the very last word! I read it in one sitting.
A fantastic second instalment to an excellent series!
I can’t wait for more from this talented author.

Thank you, Ms. Greystone!


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