Angels and Demons (Saint’s Justice MC Series Book #1) by A.C Bextor – Review by Angela Hayes.

Angels and Demons (Saint's Justice MC #1)Angels and Demons by A.C. Bextor
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Angels and Demons is the first book in the Saint’s Justice MC series by A.C Bextor. Even though this is the first book in a new series, I really recommend reading “Empires & Kings” and “Saints & Savages” – which are books one and two in the Mafia series. The reason I recommend that you read these two books first (even though they are part of a different series) is because there are characters, information and circumstances that cross over and I feel are pertinent to this story- and having all that information will help you better understand and appreciate this story. This is only my suggestion, because I think it would enhance your enjoyment of this book.
What happens when you throw a church secretary in with a bunch of bikers? Well, you get a brilliant story, of course! Mia Zanders is 25 years old and has a modest, predictable, routine and comfortable life. What does it matter if she longs for something ‘more’. She has a nice apartment, a good job as the secretary at a church, has a charming ‘boy-next-door’ boyfriend, and a sister she loves. But, her sister is engaged to the son of a powerful family- and when threats are made against the family, every member is put under protection, including Mia by association. This places Mia into the Saint’s Justice MC clubhouse and opens the door to a world she had never imagined.
Elevent (El) is the President of the Saint’s Justice MC and has taken on a protection detail as a favour to the Russians, and as a way to bring in some much needed funds that will help his club out of some financial difficulty. He never expected that the person they’d be protecting would have such a profound effect on him and the rest of the MC. She has an innocent air of vulnerability, but a body made for sin. He needs to remain professional and do his job, but the longer she’s under his roof, the harder that becomes. What happens, you ask? Well you really should read all the riveting details for yourself- you won’t be disappointed.
This is such a complex, sexy and brilliant story by Ms. Bextor. The tension, suspense, sizzling chemistry and intensity was beautifully developed and engineered by the author. She has a real knack for keeping you on the edge of the seat, while needing to devour every word in this scintillating tale to find out what happens.
It has a fast pace and is strewn with surprises and some shocking twists, which only enhance the exciting atmosphere of the whole book. I was hooked from the beginning till the end, and read it all in one sitting.
I can’t wait to see where this series leads! Bring on book #2!

Thank you, Ms. Bextor!

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