Drawing Strength From Words (A Four Horsemen Novel Book #2) by C.A King – Review by Angela Hayes

Drawing Strength From Words (A Four Horsemen Novel Book 2)Drawing Strength From Words by C.A. King
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Drawing Strength from Words is the second book in the Four Horsemen series by C.A King. I have read all of Ms. Kings books now, and this series has quickly become my firm favourite of hers. That is really saying something, because I have seriously loved all her books- but there is just something about this series, and this book in particular, which has really captured my imagination. The story drew me in and I lost all sense of time and my surroundings, as the story swept me up on a fantastic adventure. I was so lost in the story, and so when the end came, I really wasn’t ready to leave- I wanted to keep reading. This is one of those few occasions where the writing is so on point, the storyline is so captivating, the characters are so believable and likeable, that you can’t help but wish the story was much longer, so you could stay in that world with them for a few more hours. I am excited that there is another book(s) coming
This series is Ms. King’s take and twist on the four horsemen myth and what she has produced is a very creative and imaginative urban fantasy that has demigods, demons, good vs evil, mystery, suspense, action, drama, a little romance, and supernatural elements.
Gabrielle is one of the 4 horsemen, who along with her brothers has been tasked with guarding the gates to hell. As the only female among the horsemen she feels the need to constantly prove herself. Especially when most people assume that she would be a male to do that job. Gabrielle really isn’t a people person, preferring her books instead. But, on a foray out into the world, she is drawn to a man who needs her help to evade some demons who are hell bent on capturing him. There is something about him that intrigues her like no one else has ever before. But, with evil stalking him and danger an ever-present threat- she will need all her wits and skills in order to figure it all out and keep them safe.
Ryder has had a pretty hard life and has the worst luck ever. We meet him as he’s being sentenced for a crime that he didn’t commit- and finds himself having to do a year of community service at the Ancient History Library. But strange things have been happening, and he soon finds himself in a situation that he finds hard to comprehend. Out of the blue, a gorgeous woman sweeps in just in the nick of time. But the danger is far from over, and it’s no longer just his life on the line. With sinister plots and evil intent, will Ryder survive, or will the evil forces out for his blood win out in the end?
Fantastic reading!!!
Can’t wait for ‘Hitting the High Note”, which is Uriel’s story- the next book in this series!!

Thank you, Ms. King!


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