The Past Returns (The Marcy Series Book 5) by Linda Burson – Review by Jenni Bishop

The Past Returns (The Marcy Series Book 5)The Past Returns by Linda Burson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Past Returns is the fifth book in The Marcy Series by Linda Burson and is a  contemporary romance story and one hell of a series. These characters and feel like  family as I follow their journey and commitment to each other. Their trials and  tribulations of trying to make their unusual relationships work cause emotions to run  high. Insecurities and love, playful and funny banter and excitement cause your heart  to beat a little faster and when they cry you cry, when they laugh you laugh right along  with them. This is another page turner and one you once again can’t put down until you  know exactly where it ends. Bring on book six.

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