Fat Girl (Romance in Rehoboth Book 1) by K.L. Montgomery – Review by Debi Kircher

Fat Girl (Romance in Rehoboth #1)Fat Girl by K.L. Montgomery
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fat Girl (Romance in Rehoboth Book 1) by K.L. Montgomery

5 Stars

So, I read this after reading all of the other Rehoboth books because I am a backwards kind of person I guess…and it was ok to do that, I would have preferred to read them in order but I didn’t so will have to just go with it 🙂 This whole series very loosely intertwines by characters from all of the books popping in here and there all the way through, but they do not have to be read in order, each one could be considered a stand alone, but no matter how you do it, do yourself a favor and read them all.

I loved this book but that’s no surprise because this author is like AMAZING and I don’t even have to read a synopsis or look at a book cover to know that it’s just automatic..If her name is on it…I read it!

This one touched me in a completely different way then the rest…Connecting to the main character was simple as there were times in my life I was in a position that I felt like all of the words and feelings in this book were my own. I found myself getting so angry at Claire and just wanting to slap her, but on the other hand I really felt like she was very strong and confident in who she was even when she wasn’t happy with how she looked. I really loved how this story was told and how real everything felt. I appreciated the building of friendships and I especially liked that there was no love at first site, I really truly never got a feel for what might happen and with who till the very end, and this was different…Normally it is very apparent what will happen and who it will happen with. I laughed out loud many times throughout as well…Her comebacks to messages received cracked me up.

I loved it, and would highly recommend it and will. Many thanks to this author for giving me all the feels, even those I am no longer comfortable with and writing a story that was not only very real but was so easy to connect with.

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