Badge Bunny (Romance in Rehoboth Series Book #4) by K.L. Montgomery – Review by Angela Hayes

Badge Bunny (Romance in Rehoboth Book 4)Badge Bunny by K.L. Montgomery
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Badge Bunny is the latest instalment in the ‘Romance in Rehoboth’ series by K.L Montgomery. It is such a great Rom Com/Enemies to Lovers story- and has taken top billing as my favourite of Ms. Montgomery’s books, so far. It could definitely be read as a standalone, even though it is the fourth book in the collection, as the series is made up of standalone stories- each book centres on its own particular couple, but the common factor is that the stories are all are set against the backdrop of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. But, I really do recommend reading all the other books too- because they are wonderful stories in their own rights.
Brynne Miller is a busy ER Doctor, who has a penchant for a man in uniform, dating so many that she’s earned the nickname of “Badge Bunny’ (which she hates). But, Brynne has decided that they’re all the same, full of themselves- and has sworn off them all.
Chris Everson is a State Trooper who is a bit of a man’s-man. There is a lot more to him than meets the eye. His job means he frequents the ER on ‘business’. He’s immediately attracted to Brynne, but she is quite prickly and doesn’t give him a chance.
Brynne’s first impression of Chris was less than impressive- he annoys and frustrates her. But these two find themselves at the same wedding- and a major crisis demands that they work together to handle the situation.
With them both keeping things close to their chests, what happens when everything is revealed? Will Brynne let go of her first impression of Chris, admit that she’s attracted to him, and give him a chance? Does romance ever stand a chance of developing?
As I have said many times now, Ms. Montgomery is a masterful storyteller- easily able to tempt readers into her story and keep them completely hooked right from the beginning, till the very last word. I love how her story depicts characters that are realistic, believable, and relatable…. The fact that characters from other books also make appearances, is just the icing on the cake- getting to glimpse a little of what’s happening in their life too.

Thank you, Ms. Montgomery!

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