Burning Britely by Deidre Huesmann – Review by Angela Hayes

Burning BritelyBurning Britely by Deidre Huesmann
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Stars

Burning Britely by Deidre Huesmann is a great YA/coming of age story, full of self-discovery, angst, drama, friendship, expectations, emotions, and self-acceptance. I am familiar with Ms. Huesmann’s other work, and really liked the Modern Greek Tale series, and The Alpha’s Pride- but this book is something different – and again it just proves that Ms. Huesmann can work with any genre/subject and create an engrossing story.
The book is a short story and is a very quick and easy read. It has a great pace and a smooth flow. The story and characters were interesting and quite relatable. I loved the strong character development and growth that occurred over the course of the story. For such a short story, the characters were fully realised, and the story had a depth that’s not so easy to achieve in a short amount of space- but Ms. Huesmann certainly succeeded where many have failed.
I am not going to give away spoilers, or rehash the premise of the story- as the blurb does a better job than I ever could. But, I do recommend reading this book, especially to those who love a great YA novel that has all the angst and inner turmoil that come with being a teenager- exploring the characters ‘coming of age’.

Thank you, Ms. Huesmann!

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