The Violet Trilogy by Vivian Winslow – Review by Angela Hayes

5 Stars


The Violet Trilogy by Vivian Winslow is Violet Rai’s story. It is books #7, #8, and #9 in the Gilded Flower Series. Her story really gives us an insight into the life of Lily and Dahlia’s BFF who completely intrigued me in the other books. She is quick-witted, intelligent, and a fun-loving party girl. But there were little things that I needed to know, some things that were alluded to but never explored, that had me wondering with so many questions- and I knew there was so much more to her story than what we were being shown/told.

This trilogy explores her world, pulling me into a tale that was so much more than I had expected. There were so many unexpected and surprising developments- twists that made me sit up and take notice, captivating me the whole while. It is a passionate story full of drama, friendship, daddy issues, romance, sizzle, flashbacks, secrets, challenges, plots, unlikely ally’s, intrigue, lies- and a rollercoaster of emotion. This box set contains the entire Violet Trilogy, so not only is it great value for money, but there is no wait between Violets books/story.

Ms. Winslow guides us through the story, painting a vivid picture, while we follow along as everything plays out. We watch all the highs and lows- discovering what makes Violet tic- all the secrets she’s held, all about her difficult relationship with her father and his plans for an arranged marriage, her hopes and fears, the fact there is an expectation that she will also embark on a career within her father’s multinational conglomerate and how she feels about it all. Then there’s the sizzling details of her romantic liaisons which really steamed up the screen of my kindle; as well as looking at her friendships with Lily, Dahlia and Thomas, some secrets are uncovered, and revelations made, and Violet faces challenges that will test her…. and so much more that you won’t want to miss out on!


The trilogy consists of:

– Wild Violet (Book #7)

– Hidden Violet (Book #8)

– True Violet (Book #9)


This trilogy could be read as a standalone, but there are relevant details, background information, and backstory to be found in the previous books that would enrich your reading experience of thiss story- plus there are parts of the plot that intersects with and plays out alongside storylines from previous books…. So, I really recommend reading the entire series, in sequence, to get the full impact of the story!

Thank you, Ms. Winslow!

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