Beckoned, Part 5: Adrift in Costa Rica (Beckoned Series book 5) by Aviva Vaughn – Review by Ashleigh Harrington

BECKONED, Part 5: Adrift in Costa RicaBECKONED, Part 5: Adrift in Costa Rica by Aviva Vaughn
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Beckoned by Aviva Vaughn is the fifth part in her new serial that I just can’t get enough of. Throughout the series, I became hooked and made it so hard to put down until the very end. Beckoned is all about finding yourself and finding someone who understands and embraces the journey that you are on. Following the stories of Soren Lund and Elena Sol, you get a front row seat to a passion that can’t be tamed no matter the miles that separate these two. Soren is a man that who is trying to find his way in the world, and trying to right his world that was tilted on its axis from a heartbreak. In his journey he finds himself in a village in Costa Rica, where he meets Elena. Elena is so full of life, living on the edge as a professional surfer. While Costa Rica has always been her home she has always been a woman willing to do and go wherever to make her dreams a reality. Elena is a strong, beautiful woman, who has been hurt in the past and guards her heart against further pain. There is something about Soren that draws Elena in, but she is worried that he will attempt to change her or hurt her. Soren finds that he can’t get Elena out of his head, and is willing to take a leap of faith letting her in. The more that these two get to know each other the more that parting seems to be the worst thing. The sparks that fly between these two will leave you on the edge of your seat and attempting to catch your breath. Vaughn is a newer to me author but I am so happy that I picked this series up. I have loved every book so far and can’t wait to see how it will continue. While each of these books could be read as a single quickie read, I recommend reading them all in order as the characters will overlap and interact throughout each book. If you are looking for a great read, from a superb author, than this is one that you need to pick up today!

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