Can’t Forget by Colleen S. Myers – Review by Lisa Helmick

Can't ForgetCan’t Forget by Colleen S. Myers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Can’t Forget
By Colleen S. Myers
Rated 5 stars

Wow! What an action packed, emotional story!! I loved it…then I was irritated at certain characters then I was surprised and shocked. This book covers a wide gambit of emotions but never doubt how much I enjoy reading this book. Immensely! This picks up nicely where the last story left off. I would highly recommend reading book 1 (Can’t Remember) before enjoying this one. You would get the full feel of the story.

I have to say in the first book I was frustrated in who ended up with who. I really felt Finn and Beta (Elizabeth) should have been together. So with that being said i struggled with the idea of Marin and Beta. As the story moves forward I really saw the devotion between Elizabeth (Beta) and Marin. Their love felt deep in this story. So that made me feel better. Finn…this guy…he doesn’t give up easily. He wants Beta (Elizabeth). Elizabeth (Beta) loves Marin and Marin loves her. Love triangle at its best! I root for Finn because of the way Marin is acting but then Finn acts like a jerk and Marin is back in my favor. Although Marin frustrates me a couple times in this story. How Elizabeth (Beta) can choose keeps me perplexed.

We get to see some of the old characters (Yay!) but then meet a slew of new ones ( boo-Zara) as well. They all help the story along without overtaking the spotlight away from the main characters. We are finding out more and more about Elizabeth (Beta).

I enjoyed this book immensely! Drama and action filled this book and kept me easily entertained. I am eagerly awaiting the next in the series. I need to find out!

Next Please!

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