Georgia Pine (Southern Promises Book 3) by K.G. Fletcher – Review by Karyn Taylor

Georgia Pine (Southern Promises #3)Georgia Pine by K.G. Fletcher
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Georgia Pine is yet another outstanding read from K.G. Fletcher. It is the 3rd book in the Southern Promises Series and I’ve loved all of them. All 3 books have a connection but can be read as a standalone as each is a complete story. I’d urge anyone to read all 3 books, not to help with any understanding of the story, but purely because this is a fantastic series that I’ve totally fell in love with and I know I’ll read them again.
In Book 2 we meet Stephen Kaufman who is Hart’s boss. We know that he’s a cheating scumbag with a beautiful wife and 4 gorgeous daughters. The book is the story of his, now ex-wife Jessica. Jessica is heartbroken by the breakdown of her marriage and is now doing everything she can to raise her 4 gorgeous daughters on her own.
Tim McGill is the gardener to the homes in the posh suburban area where Jessica lives. Hiding behind a beard and long hair, Tim is making a new life for himself, using a fake surname. In reality he’s Tim Ryan, huge star of the NFL whose mistake cost his side the Superbowl. When Tim catches Jessica having a breakdown the day her divorce papers arrive, he becomes her knight in shining armour, helping her with the girls.
As Tim and Jessica spend more time together they finally give in to the huge attraction they have for each other. This however causes a lot of friction in Jessica’s life. Her snobby parents and ex-husband are mortified that she’s lowered herself to be involved with such a lowlife as a gardener.
Again K.G. Fletcher has given us amazing characters. Jessica’s guts and determination to raise her little girls and make others see that Tim really is a good guy is endearing. Tim is just the most adorable man. The love he has for, and the way he treats her daughters makes my heart melt.
Will Tim’s secret get out? Will Tim and Jessica get the happily ever after that they deserve? I’m not going to answer those and spoil the story. Dig in and read for yourself and find out how it all ends.

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