Love, Christmas – Movies You Love (The Holiday Series Book 2) Anthology – Review by Elizabeth Sanchez

Love, Christmas - Movies You Love (The Holiday Series Book 2)Love, Christmas – Movies You Love by Mimi Barbour
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Love, Christmas – Movies You Love (The Holiday Series Book 2) is a great collection of love stories focused around Christmas. I haven’t gotten to them all yet, but it seems to be a good mix, something for everyone. Each story is inspired by the author’s favorite Christmas movie, which is a fun twist. Most of the stories seem to be short stories, but there are a few longer ones, that are possibly full length. I will do a review on a couple of the stories I’ve read, and plan to cuddle up on the couch with a blanket over the next month finishing the others.
A Royal White Christmas by Leanne Banks is one of the shorter stories, but it was cute. It tells the story of two unlikely people falling in love in a small town. Holly has traveled back home to watch over her brother’s farm while he is deployed. She has been living in New York City, and is way out of her element. Finding herself in snow storms, while looking for her brother’s dog, as well as milking goats. A nearby visiting neighbor, Brice, comes to her rescue more than once. During these short, but frequent encounters, they develop feelings for each other, and things quickly take off. The biggest bump in the road is Brice being the heir to the crown.
Suzanne Jenkin’s Christmas with the Clouds is not what I expected. The story starts out very heavy, with the main character,Tracy’s husband dying. She finds herself leaning on her patient for support, and making a best friend out of the ordeal. During her healing process, she relies on her in-laws, and new best friend. An unexpected visitor at Christmas, leads Tracy to find love in the most unexpected place of all. Great turn around from the start of the story, and enjoyable to read. I love happy endings!
In the spirit of Christmas by Alyssa Bailey is about Tara returning home after a bad breakup. Before even making it into town, she gets a flat tire, and in rides Chase, a knight in shining armor…or rather sexy sheriff in uniform, to save the day. She is in for a big surprise, when she gets home and sees that same sexy sheriff in her dad’s living room! Cute story, and I loved the writing. I will be seeking out more of Alyssa Bailey in the future.

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