Love, Christmas – Movies You Love (The Holiday Series Book 2) by Various Authors – Review by Debi Kircher

Love, Christmas - Movies You Love (The Holiday Series Book 2)Love, Christmas – Movies You Love
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Love, Christmas – Movies You Love (The Holiday Series Book 2)

By Mimi Barbour, Leanne Banks, Joan Reeves, Mona Risk, Rebecca York, Jacquie Biggar, Alicia Street, Nancy Radke, Katy Walters, Stephanie Queen, Aileen Fish, Rachelle Ayala, Dani Haviland, Traci Hall, Taylor Lee, Donna Fasano, Cynthia Cooke, Susan Jean Ricci, Tamara Ferguson, Suzanne Jenkins, Natalie Ann, Ev Bishop, Alyssa Bailey, Stacy Eaton, Jen Talty, Melinda De Ross

5 Stars

Oh my goodness..I loved this so much. We are coming in to my favorite time of the year and this group of authors just made my last couple days and I am now completely in the spirit of my favorite season of all time!

I don’t know who came up with this idea of taking my favorite movies of the season and turning them into books inspired by these movies but it was a brilliant idea. What I loved also was that there are a few authors in this anthology that are already absolute favorites of mine, and now I have so many more new authors that I want to read more from.

I thought that maybe I would write a little bit about each story but oh my that would take a while, and then I thought well Ill write about a few of my favorites and i couldn’t figure out which ones I liked best.

I can only say that you must read these stories. Carve out some time, and if your having trouble getting into the spirit of the season this is all you will need to remedy that.

I will absolutely read every one of these again on a cold icky weekend cuddled up in my favorite chair sipping my favorite coffee, and will be visiting each of these authors pages to find more from each of them.

Amazingly Awesome!! Totally Brilliant!!

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