Repressed (An Ash Park Novel – Book 3) By Meghan O’Flynn – Review By Melissa Agena

Repressed (Ash Park, #3)Repressed by Meghan O’Flynn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WOW! Truly impressive book! Repressed is the third book in the Ash Park Series by Meghan O’Flynn. This book follows Morrison and of course his new lovely wife and their new daughter. Petrosky is in this as well like always. However, we get in depth with Curt Morrison and reach inside him and pull out his demons. Unlike the other books, this one seems to be a bit darker. The demons that one fights inside the brain can be truly tough and very hard to conquer. On top of that previous addiction usage doesn’t help the situation either. This book also covers depression in several ways. Just like the other books, this book also follows a case that Morrison and Petrosky are working on. This one involves little boys and pedophilia that has escalated to murder. It also has to do with Morrison’s past and someone wanting him to pay. I loved reading this one because Morrison’s character seems so real and relatable. He’s like a person that everyone has known at some point and time in their life and his struggle is something completely valid. As I said…this book is a bit more dark and a bit more intense. But as the story unfolds all the pieces click together perfectly. I love how all the main characters remain in the series but there is one character that each book focuses on. It makes it feel like a drawn out movie and somehow all the books and parts link together. It’s truly awesome! I simply cannot get enough of this series and I cannot wait to read the rest of the books!

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